Thank you for being a part of my life by visiting the website.

I have always been a believer and a seeker. Believer in more than that meets the eye and seeker of all that my heart desires.

Daughter of one. Mother of 3, a son (Arav) and 2 dog-hters (Biscuit & Berry).

Life, for me, has been a journey of discovering love in everything I do, spreading it wherever I go and in whatever I do.

Spiritual Healer by Purpose, Storyteller by Passion and Brand Expert by Profession. All of this comes straight from my heart to yours.

I love driving, travelling, reading books, teaching, writing stories, photography, and poetry. Being a keen observer and learner, I work on acquiring new skills / talents and seek personal growth as I go, at every stage of life.

Here to teach and learn at the same time, and impact millions of lives through my work across purpose, passion, and profession.

I’d love to hear your story / journey and know more about you, please write to me here – CONTACT

Much Love!