Does being humble and compassionate need a right time?

I leave you with that question, while I share my experience. There have been times when I told myself, that I will be kind ‘the next time’.

That’s mean, of course, but, when we are too engrossed in our own problems, we tend to overlook people who may be going through worse.

Factually, Kindness has no time, no age, no gender, no face, it is just a state of being, way of life!!

Met some kind souls on Mysore trip…..

The Uncle who was steering the boat at Brindavan Gardens was blissfully smiling through-out the time of his duty. Someone felt curious to ask him what makes him feel so happy about his work and his answer left me awestruck and thinking. This is what he said:

“Humko tourist ke saath 5 mins milte hai bas, to hum sirf haste hain” (We only get 5 minutes with each tourist and all we do is smile to them)

Yeh sunker dil baag baag ho gaya’. (As a common phrase goes, meaning, ‘my heart was full of the feeling of spring‘, upon hearing what he said)

The same night, a one more God sent angel.

Generally, after some recent experiences, I somehow have lost my ability to trust overall. Here I was, really anxious in giving my car keys to the valet guys. Though I gave it, my heart was stuck there. I somehow couldn’t leave the parking bay after handing over the keys, wondering what would they do to the car the moment I turned my back. Observing how beautifully they were treating all cars, be it a tiny old car or a big expensive one. I mustered the courage to trust and just leave. The next morning, found the car as it is and the most genuine humble smile waiting to hand the vehicle over which a compassionate “Good Morning”.

Last day at the hotel, the car was quite dirty, I decide to clean it up myself, handed over the token to the valet guy to bring it to a place where I could clean it. The valet uncle was a very very humble and nice person, he asked me, “Ma’am do you have experience of cleaning a car?”, too which I replied, “I just bought this car, this will be the first time I will clean it myself”. He just smiled and said “Ma’am let me check, if I can help with something”. He after speaking to someone told me, that the night duty staff who was getting relived could do it, and I shouldn’t be worried about it.

One more………the next morning!!!

Outside Woof Wagon Pet Resort, saw this uncle walking his goats. Initially he kept looking at me and Arav walking Biscuit around. Later, tried to say something, I just seemed skeptical as we are usually programmed to be, around a stranger. A little later, he again came close, smiled and said something in Kannada. Since I do not understand Kannada, I asked Pet Resort helper to translate, he didn’t know Kannada either. So, there we were left voiceless, but, voice is not all that God has given us. Uncle smiled and tried to say something in sign language which somehow meant that he too has small kids and he was happy to see all of us. He had a beautiful blessing smile towards us, which made me feel really honoured and thankful.

Thank you Universe for these people you send to show that its ‘only love‘ which makes the world go on!! This in-turn is, also helping me build my trust in this world all over again!!

God bless all the people who do their job selflessly and end up giving other people happiness in return. It’s all about what you want to see in the world, it will just offer you the same vibe in return, as you send out.

The real kindness is always expressed towards anyone who can’t do anything back for you. No to forget, every act of kindness will come back to you in another and greater form. Everything is this world goes full circle, it is indeed a small world after-all.

Thank you Universe for your blessings and rays of hope.



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  1. Rajan May 2, 2019 at 12:55 PM

    its good to see some people takes it as a duty but now it becomes a habit.
    love the post. fresh and motivating

    1. admin - Site Author May 2, 2019 at 9:59 PM

      Thank you for finding time to read and appreciate. Its cause of people who spread love, that this world is still a place worth living