How long is one Year?

A year, can be anything, very short, very long, or a life changing roller coaster where you can’t even comprehend the speed of it, since it is a roller coaster, full of slow’s and fast’s.

Continental Hospital, Hyderabad

Exactly a year back, standing outside this place, in the worst of my health, spirits, finances and energy. Being detected to have small tumors combined with complete loss of confidence, lack of self-love and direction. Just an MRI scan felt like that machine would swallow me and I would never have the chance to see the love of my life, Arav, ever again.

Though physically not alone, but, emotionally absolutely lost and alone, struggled to get through that day, only to discover what I felt as the end of my life.

A betrayal. Betrayal from a person I held above self.

Meeting people who wrong you, is a part of life, but, letting them take over your life or not, is for you to choose. A choice between choosing your Comfort Zone or Yourself!

A year now from then, it’s a different life, a different me.

From being at the end of life to being full of life.

From being unhealthy to being on a journey to be fit.

From feeling lost to finding my purpose.

From being lonely to everyday building my tribe.

From financially broke to making money work for me.

From suppressing my emotions to following my heart.

From being fearful to being victorious.

If I can change, anyone can; If I can win over my failures in life; anyone can; I am just a girl next door, who dimmed her light, so, someone else I held dear could shine. But, trust me, that neither works for you, nor for that person.

Grateful to all the people who crossed my path and guided me to reach this point. Immensely thankful to Devan for recognising, acknowledging the fact that I need help and making every single thing possible to bring about a change in my life. You have been a God sent angel Devan for all you have done for me, when I had lost all hopes from my life.

A special hug full of gratitude to the woman who never gave up on me and kept showing me the light I possess which I couldn’t recognise myself. Thank you for your tireless and patient efforts, hand-holding and bringing my true light out.

My healer, teacher, mentor, guide, Ajitha @

When I decided to start my journey towards change, the universe started to send people to me who only helped build the bridge as I moved each step, not knowing if there was any path ahead or where that bridge is leading. Surely, faith in the right things can only lead us to great places!

If you are feeling stuck in some way, take sometime and find what ignites you. Do not dim your light for someone else to shine, the one who loves you truely will never make you dim your lights, will instead make your light brighter by believing in you.

So, choose wisely, we are a result of the choices we make. A year isn’t long or short; or right or wrong; it’s just the start the day you decide to start!

I chose 2019, which one do you choose?

Thank you Universe.



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  1. Kanika sethi April 8, 2019 at 11:26 AM

    I second you are a brave girl..lots of love and blessings for you from my side..take care..

    1. admin - Site Author April 14, 2019 at 11:42 AM

      Thank you so much dear. Always love to have you by my side.

  2. Ashit April 21, 2019 at 5:26 PM

    Hey Divya, that’s a lot for a year. More strength to you.

    1. admin - Site Author April 21, 2019 at 8:35 PM

      Hey Ashit, thanks a lot for your wishes.


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