‘It Bites!’, someone said.

Since, Biscuit has come into my life, I have learnt a lot of things about life itself. She has been my saviour and has showered so much unconditional love on me, coming to me in times, I only thought of ending my life, having lost all hopes.

Almost 8 months of having her as my daughter, I see other street dogs come to me, look at me in a certain way (very difficult to describe the look), with yearning and connection. The streeties are as or more amazing than the well bread breeds. (FYI, breeding is a huge business that tortures these lil souls to make puppies again and again, please adopt rescue animals if you plan to adopt one)

Enjoy and discover the joy of my life – https://www.instagram.com/biscuitandbro/

I had been looking for ways to feed the ones near my office. I got a water bowl, which the treacherous people around broke, quoting, that the dogs will poop in the area water in being given. However, that didn’t stop me.

I kept keeping bowls for those lil kids, and those people kept throwing it away.

Everyday, I would search for the kids and feed them wherever they are. Now when people have realised, they can’t stop me, so they have become really creative.

The most recent one goes, ‘Be careful, it bites!

Would you believe this gentle soul with bite.

And, I so wanted to reply, “I am sure, she would bite you, not me.”

Just for information, no animals or birds harm anyone until they sense danger from someone or are starving of hunger / thirst. If we think deeply, its just us who are responsible for their situation too.

The only animal on this planet which bites without danger, is ‘HUMAN BEING’. So, you know, who to actually be careful from and who bites.

A sincere request, please please try to keep bowls of water for these kids wherever possible, the heat is too much for them to handle.

I do not advice going near until you understand how to build their trust in you. Yes, they take a lot of time and judgement to trust people, and it’s just us who is responsible for this, by ill-treating them and made them loose the trust they naturally are inclined to have.

And, someone who wants to say, I take care of strays by feeding cows, I have nothing to say! God only help you, I know its rather fear than love.

Soooooo happy to receive the love of these kids, they go walking around me, wagging their tails. Pure Bliss!! Unconditional Love!!!

Heard someone with a lovely soul, say on radio,

Adopt if you can,

Foster, if can’t adopt,

Feed, if you can’t foster,

Don’t hurt, if you can’t do anything else.

#spreadlove #adoptdontshop #biscuitandbro

P.S. I call all of them Biscuit and they come running, wagging.

Thank you Universe for bringing all the Biscuits in my life.

#divyamadhur #loveyourself #faceyourfears #motivation #experiences #spreadlove #kindness

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