Plan to not ‘Plan’ :)

We spend almost all our lives planning everything, big to small. But, somewhere in the process, lose the charm of the surprises that can come our way, when there is no plan.

Well, I had one such day recently. I thought I had a plan. And, may be God thought otherwise, sent indication of lovely weather and an awesome breeze, and said, “Girl, ditch your plan and follow your heart!

As commonly said in Hindi, “Na aav dekha, na tav“, just followed my heart.

Heart was calling Nandi Hills…….Nandi Hills here I come. Zoooooom……..

First uphill drive! yet another milestone achieved!

All shades of grey, the clouds!
View of the city, eyes are so small for it
Some unsaid symmetry
Car lights play with nature
Grandeur of the Universe

Cloudy Skies, Chilly breeze; Playful animals, Nature’s paintings!

Love unlimited!! Why do I need a plan, Universe has it all planned for me.

Thank you Universe for the lovely experience, all the love and warmth! You never miss a chance to shower love on me.



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