Soulful Journey from Mumbai to Shirdi

Some journeys are just meant to happen at some time.

I have been keen on visiting Shirdi since I was a young child, given all the stories I heard from family members, but, the lack of resources somehow did not make it happen. 

Last year, while I was going through one of the lowest times of my life, I planned the visit, still, could not accomplish it, train bookings did not get confirmed until the end moment.

All these years, I have grown up hearing, things happen at their right time. Universe surely had a plan for me for this journey.

Looks like, my time to pay a visit to Shirdi finally came in June this year.

On 24 June, after the event in Mumbai got over, hired a car (Hyundai i10) to drive to Shirdi. It may just have been a visit for some, but for me, it was a trip into self, into learning, into growth, into love and much more.

The journey starts, 238 kms, around 12 noon, after some car hiring issue resolution.

One beautiful thing happened while the car had to be changed, ended up into a really really narrow lane. This turned into an experience in itself, which started like just a wrong turn. The car had to be turned back, to go to the main road to reach the right place, from a narrow lane, where a car could only go and not come back. Universe wanted me to learn this too, stuck in that lane, with no space to reverse the vehicle, surrounded by pedestrians, and heavy rains pouring from above.

Taking a U-turn in a lane like that, was one feat in life and the way people were keen to help and guide is beyond any description. (All these years, I have only heard of stories of people trying to take advance of a girl / woman alone. Quite frankly, there wasn’t a better situation for anyone to take advantage of my situation, however, all I received then, was, care, guidance, love and a safe way out from that place).

Finally, out of that lane, and the journey to Shirdi starts.

The famous Mumbai rains had already set foot (my first experience of it), add to it the drive, music and an amazing road, full of greenery, rocky hills and curves. It’s a must drive highway, a scenic and soulful journey, I only dreamt of visiting, and, now I am driving on.

Photos are not doing justice to the road
Everything, clouds, greenery, wind, just beautiful

There were patches of traffic on the way, weather made the wait absolutely worthwhile.

As the route progressed, google wanted to save some time and showed a path away from the highway. This route didn’t have a road……eeeeee…. Now, what to do???

Well, drive, Universe had some more to add to my experiences, learning and growth. 

Now, the road went from being a smooth, defined one to a camel ride type, bumpy, unpredictable one. As the road progressed, it also passed through a village, with people peeping. There was slight anxiousness about the situation, but, more belief, that if some trouble comes up, it will be to find a way out, peacefully. And, yes, true to that belief, after few minutes, the highway was back.

Road starts to disappear
Mud appears
Mud now becomes a swamp
The beautiful banyan trees were a visual treat

As night daunted and another hour of drive left, the windscreen of the car was spoiled by misuse as a rented car. There was practically no vision and I drove only from judgement, my first night drive on a highway ever. The highway wasn’t a divided one way lane, but, a small two-way lane, with lights of oncoming vehicles shining bright in the eyes, making the judgement even worse. All on mind, at that time, was to reach the hotel safely and somehow managed to do so.

The most important lesson this journey taught me, was, keep going on, whatever comes your way. Hassles / troubles don’t come to derail us, but, only to make us stronger and a better version of ourselves, which precisely is our purpose on this planet, to grow and support others in their growth.

Also, when we have some wishes / dreams to fulfil, they will get fulfilled, as long as we do not get desperate for it, but objectively wait for them to happen, with a clear vision and hence a plan in mind. Not all of our plans will fall in place at the time and way we desire, but, they will surely fall in place, in the best way for us. Trust in self (as creator’s best creation), can take us places, we never believed we could go.

Go on, any terrain, any mode, any time, believe in yourself, and trust the Universe has put you in that situation only to make you courageous, find a way for yourself and come out a winner, happy and blissful.

Words fall short of the loving beautiful experiences, I have started to encounter as I have committed to loving myself and growing. The right journeys, people and experiences will keep coming to you, as you commit to yourself.

It’s never too early, never too late, it’s the day you decide. It’s what you choose to live your life like, some one else may have been responsible for where you are, but, to decide the course of action for today and days to come, is only and only your responsibility. Take charge of your life !!

In Shirdi, early morning visit to Sai Baba Temple was soooo serene. No phones were allowed, hence no pics.

Babies eating Prasad at Sai Baba Temple parking

Thank You Universe



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  1. Gyan September 11, 2019 at 10:36 PM

    Brilliantly articulated. “Trust in self” is the key takeaway..!

    1. admin - Site Author September 16, 2019 at 12:00 PM

      Thank you for taking the time to read and appreciate 🙂