Spread Love and receive it back abundantly!!

For a last couple of years, my child kept asking for a pet, and I was hesitant about the entire responsibility.

Recently, we started to pet some stray cats nearby. That was a small step into welcoming another member to the family. A couple of times, we also brought the cats home, fed them, the kids played and I could see the fun my son had, which led me into thinking pet-pro.

When you accept to make a change in your life, the universe conspires to support you. The first step would always be ours. Universe rewards the one with the intent.

Around that time, an animal rescuer was looking for homes for her pets, and she would share pics of her loveable animals with me. One particular dog caught our attention, though we wanted a small pup, this dog was slightly bigger.

This chatter kept happening and one fine day, we just went to the rescue center, and this very darling accepted us to be her family. There we got ‘Biscuit’ in our lives.


Very grateful to Nandinee and Jen for giving us the love and laughter of the house. Without knowing it herself, Biscuit keeps everyone going, happy and alive.

She is an ocean of unconditional love and a ball of laughter. We just keep loving her and she keeps loving us back.

Being a pet-parent is a whole new and different world in itself. You can follow @biscuitandbro (Instagram and Facebook) for everyday dose of love…



Some unexpected love received from a animal lover colleague…..Kindness and Love never go unrewarded!!!! Go ahead and be kind……

Thank you Universe for your kindness!



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