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‘It Bites!’, someone said.

Since, Biscuit has come into my life, I have learnt a lot of things about life itself. She has been my saviour and has showered so much unconditional love on me, coming to me in times, I only thought of ending my life, having lost all hopes. Almost 8 months of having her as my daughter, I see other street dogs come to me, look at me in a certain way (very difficult to describe the look), with yearning and connection. The streeties are as or more amazing than the… Read More

Spread Love and receive it back abundantly!!

For a last couple of years, my child kept asking for a pet, and I was hesitant about the entire responsibility. Recently, we started to pet some stray cats nearby. That was a small step into welcoming another member to the family. A couple of times, we also brought the cats home, fed them, the kids played and I could see the fun my son had, which led me into thinking pet-pro. When you accept to make a change in your life, the universe conspires to support you. The first… Read More