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We are all a tribe, afterall, with a concrete roof on top!

Of course, my journey, as shared in last blog, did not stop at Shirdi, that was just the first halt on this journey. Started the drive to Nashik (Nasik), 85 kms, weather was pleasant, and the drive driving me. Stopped to buy, road side guavas, I have always loved these shoppings, since I was a kid when the road transport bus would stop, and my mother would buy me guava with salt (the one salt taste we could never get at home). That bliss was exceptional each time. Bells ringing in… Read More

Soulful Journey from Mumbai to Shirdi

Some journeys are just meant to happen at some time. I have been keen on visiting Shirdi since I was a young child, given all the stories I heard from family members, but, the lack of resources somehow did not make it happen.  Last year, while I was going through one of the lowest times of my life, I planned the visit, still, could not accomplish it, train bookings did not get confirmed until the end moment. All these years, I have grown up hearing, things happen at their right time…. Read More