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We are all a tribe, afterall, with a concrete roof on top!

Of course, my journey, as shared in last blog, did not stop at Shirdi, that was just the first halt on this journey. Started the drive to Nashik (Nasik), 85 kms, weather was pleasant, and the drive driving me. Stopped to buy, road side guavas, I have always loved these shoppings, since I was a kid when the road transport bus would stop, and my mother would buy me guava with salt (the one salt taste we could never get at home). That bliss was exceptional each time. Bells ringing in… Read More

Soulful Journey from Mumbai to Shirdi

Some journeys are just meant to happen at some time. I have been keen on visiting Shirdi since I was a young child, given all the stories I heard from family members, but, the lack of resources somehow did not make it happen.  Last year, while I was going through one of the lowest times of my life, I planned the visit, still, could not accomplish it, train bookings did not get confirmed until the end moment. All these years, I have grown up hearing, things happen at their right time…. Read More

I am ME!

Very recently, I had an opportunity of attending an event which brought together over 1000 people in one room from different cities from all over the country. While on the outside, everyone was happy, confident and put their best self forward, be it smiles, attire, attitude. Deep inside of them, all that everyone needed was to be accepted for who they are, and everything that makes them. Their life Their experiences Their achievements Their decisions Their mistakes Their failures Isn’t it all what makes us actually? and human, of everything… Read More

Bald and Beautiful

Beauty, as we know it, is mostly external, or what meets the eye. Life is full of beauty in ways we can’t even comprehend. In ways, we are most often never told to recognise. The world actually is full only of beautiful things and people. Things or people are given ugly connotations and meanings by us, humans, God did not create even a single ugly thing or person. Like a painter does not create an ugly painting, all he / she creates is beauty, that’s how the universe made every… Read More

Plan to not ‘Plan’ :)

We spend almost all our lives planning everything, big to small. But, somewhere in the process, lose the charm of the surprises that can come our way, when there is no plan. Well, I had one such day recently. I thought I had a plan. And, may be God thought otherwise, sent indication of lovely weather and an awesome breeze, and said, “Girl, ditch your plan and follow your heart!“ As commonly said in Hindi, “Na aav dekha, na tav“, just followed my heart. Heart was calling Nandi Hills…….Nandi Hills… Read More

Who did I rescue? Cookie or Myself?

I have talked about this dog near my office who I have been feeding and feel attached to, ever since I saw her. One of the days last week, Arav accompanied me to office and gave her a new name, ‘Cookie‘. Arav also immediately had a connection with her, she came to him, she looked lovingly at him as he fed her. Here is a little about how Cookie impacted my life in a few days of meeting her. Since, the office was going to shut down, it was a… Read More

The Wave of Unsettlement

Last some days have been exceptionally unsettling, mostly due to stress at work place. Since it was keeping me disturbed and stressed, I could not focus on writing too. I tried a lot to write, made short snippets to put into a single piece and kept loosing it on the way. There was so much urge to write, but, even though I had some thoughts on mind, they were not taking any shape in the form of words. After which I decided to collect myself, I started to understand a… Read More

I meet ‘Love’ everyday!

Isn’t this beautiful and strange at the same time, when you stop looking for something, it starts to find you! I remember the college days, I most expected a certain bus to come, it would never turn up and on days I almost didn’t expect it, it kept coming into again and again, as a pleasant surprise, always leaving me with a smile. Likewise, when I was looking for love, it came in twisted shapes, which wasn’t how I was seeking it. And, now that I stopped looking for love,… Read More

Spread Love and receive it back abundantly!!

For a last couple of years, my child kept asking for a pet, and I was hesitant about the entire responsibility. Recently, we started to pet some stray cats nearby. That was a small step into welcoming another member to the family. A couple of times, we also brought the cats home, fed them, the kids played and I could see the fun my son had, which led me into thinking pet-pro. When you accept to make a change in your life, the universe conspires to support you. The first… Read More