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Trembling and winning it all over again!!

Well, the car is back from the service and of course as good as new. However, that’s not exactly how I felt inside me, which i only realized once I hit the road. With trembling legs and shivering me, I went on and on and on. And reached the exact point where the accident happened. Believe it or not, I could feel the blow of the accident exactly as it happened then, at that place and it felt like every car behind mine, is only looking to bump it forward…. Read More

Break-free from Yourself!

I always dreamt of owning a car and driving. However, the household financial condition never sort of allowed it. I used to be fascinated by the idea of driving, and used to eagerly observe people driving to be able to learn. I have a cousin who is quite young compared to me, since they had a car in the family, she learnt to drive very early in time. I used to have both feelings of pride on her combined with disappoints about self. Few days back, approx. 15 years later,… Read More