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I am ME!

Very recently, I had an opportunity of attending an event which brought together over 1000 people in one room from different cities from all over the country. While on the outside, everyone was happy, confident and put their best self forward, be it smiles, attire, attitude. Deep inside of them, all that everyone needed was to be accepted for who they are, and everything that makes them. Their life Their experiences Their achievements Their decisions Their mistakes Their failures Isn’t it all what makes us actually? and human, of everything… Read More

Bald and Beautiful

Beauty, as we know it, is mostly external, or what meets the eye. Life is full of beauty in ways we can’t even comprehend. In ways, we are most often never told to recognise. The world actually is full only of beautiful things and people. Things or people are given ugly connotations and meanings by us, humans, God did not create even a single ugly thing or person. Like a painter does not create an ugly painting, all he / she creates is beauty, that’s how the universe made every… Read More

Plan to not ‘Plan’ :)

We spend almost all our lives planning everything, big to small. But, somewhere in the process, lose the charm of the surprises that can come our way, when there is no plan. Well, I had one such day recently. I thought I had a plan. And, may be God thought otherwise, sent indication of lovely weather and an awesome breeze, and said, “Girl, ditch your plan and follow your heart!“ As commonly said in Hindi, “Na aav dekha, na tav“, just followed my heart. Heart was calling Nandi Hills…….Nandi Hills… Read More

Wings of Wheels

Since, I started being my own companion in every small and big thing in life, it’s been an amazing journey of learning, discovery and happiness. You get to expect everything from yourself and only yourself, work towards it and fulfil the expectations for yourself. And even if you fail, you know where and what to fix and restart. You all know, I bought myself ‘Wheels‘, and didn’t know I was actually giving myself ‘Wings‘. I know I have talked a lot about my car already, but, its something that’s given… Read More

The religion of Humanity, is there anything bigger than that?

Born to a brave / strong mother who broke free from an abusive marriage full of domestic violence, in wake of making a better life for herself and me. Though this move was necessary, but did not leave her with any better life outside of it. Family and Society had their ugly sides still to be unveiled for a young woman trying to raise a girl child alone. Through these times and phases, my mother would seek solace from some religious practices, some temple visits, fastings, prayers, sometimes also trying… Read More

My first accident!

On 27 March 2019, while on my way to work in the morning, in very very slow moving traffic, I feel a huge blow / push from the back of the car, my heart sank for a few seconds. By the time, I realise what happened, I had already hit a car in front of me. I stopped my car, and turned the ignition off, took a deep breath, and got ready to face, what was here for me on my newly started journey of driving. I somehow gathered myself… Read More