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How long is one Year?

A year, can be anything, very short, very long, or a life changing roller coaster where you can’t even comprehend the speed of it, since it is a roller coaster, full of slow’s and fast’s. Exactly a year back, standing outside this place, in the worst of my health, spirits, finances and energy. Being detected to have small tumors combined with complete loss of confidence, lack of self-love and direction. Just an MRI scan felt like that machine would swallow me and I would never have the chance to see… Read More

The Beginning!

First cry on 19 December. Single parent child, spend almost all of my childhood believing that there was something incomplete about me and that I would never be able to fill that up. As the universal law goes, ‘you are your thoughts‘, I lacked and lacked everything. A thinking of ‘lacking’ only leads to more of it, leading to self-sabotage and attempts to die. There came a change to change my life when someone questioned my ability, by calling me a curse for my mother. Something that day didn’t break… Read More