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The Wave of Unsettlement

Last some days have been exceptionally unsettling, mostly due to stress at work place. Since it was keeping me disturbed and stressed, I could not focus on writing too. I tried a lot to write, made short snippets to put into a single piece and kept loosing it on the way. There was so much urge to write, but, even though I had some thoughts on mind, they were not taking any shape in the form of words. After which I decided to collect myself, I started to understand a… Read More

The World of ‘Wonder’

On one of the regular days when I trouble Arav (my favourite mommy thing to do). Teasing him, troubling him, pulling his leg……all sorts of naughty mommy love. By how I behave, I am less of his mom and more an elder sibling, who’s usually busy troubling him (same goes for Biscuit too). He mentioned that Biscuit is dull today, to which I responded, “Com’on! How come? She has been so active, been going around loving both of us and hugging us (me more 😉 ha ha)“ Suddenly, Arav asked,… Read More

The ‘Switch’ lies within Us! Everytime!!

Somehow, the end of the last week wasn’t going very well, I was facing a lot of emotional turmoil along with lack of focus. Managed to get through the weekdays at work. There came weekend staring at me with questions, that I did not have answers to. Saturday was just passing like a whole long year. Did some chores, went for Avengers movie with Arav, still something was unsettled, to the point that I was seeking solace in the toxic elements (my so-called comfort zone, which actually led me to… Read More