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Who did I rescue? Cookie or Myself?

I have talked about this dog near my office who I have been feeding and feel attached to, ever since I saw her. One of the days last week, Arav accompanied me to office and gave her a new name, ‘Cookie‘. Arav also immediately had a connection with her, she came to him, she looked lovingly at him as he fed her. Here is a little about how Cookie impacted my life in a few days of meeting her. Since, the office was going to shut down, it was a… Read More

The World of ‘Wonder’

On one of the regular days when I trouble Arav (my favourite mommy thing to do). Teasing him, troubling him, pulling his leg……all sorts of naughty mommy love. By how I behave, I am less of his mom and more an elder sibling, who’s usually busy troubling him (same goes for Biscuit too). He mentioned that Biscuit is dull today, to which I responded, “Com’on! How come? She has been so active, been going around loving both of us and hugging us (me more 😉 ha ha)“ Suddenly, Arav asked,… Read More

‘It Bites!’, someone said.

Since, Biscuit has come into my life, I have learnt a lot of things about life itself. She has been my saviour and has showered so much unconditional love on me, coming to me in times, I only thought of ending my life, having lost all hopes. Almost 8 months of having her as my daughter, I see other street dogs come to me, look at me in a certain way (very difficult to describe the look), with yearning and connection. The streeties are as or more amazing than the… Read More

Does being humble and compassionate need a right time?

I leave you with that question, while I share my experience. There have been times when I told myself, that I will be kind ‘the next time’. That’s mean, of course, but, when we are too engrossed in our own problems, we tend to overlook people who may be going through worse. Factually, Kindness has no time, no age, no gender, no face, it is just a state of being, way of life!! Met some kind souls on Mysore trip….. The Uncle who was steering the boat at Brindavan Gardens… Read More

Waiting for money to help people?

What an experience it has been today to visit this Hospice in Bangalore to holistically heal people approaching their end of life, suffering from terminal illnesses. Everyone being treated with love and compassion, just like God / Universe / Source intended us to be, irrespective of caste, color, religion, creed, gender; only as humans served by humans with a beautiful soul. Can’t even comprehend the vision the founding team would have and the amount of love and compassion in their hearts. Every brick of the place speaks of it…. Read More