I have felt the magic of serendipity many times in my life, and getting in touch with Divya was one such moment. Now when I look back, I feel that everything is for a purpose. We connected in 2019 through a group we both were a part of. We stayed in touch and met once. There was something very honest about her that made me keep in touch with her. Cut to January 2020, I was hurting a lot due to negative self-belief in myself and many other factors.

I just happened to send her a text, and she responded right away and suggested that we do a session of healing. That was my first time. She made me put down all the unnecessary burdens I had in my heart and soul. I felt so light after the session that I ended up sleeping like a baby for some good hours and woke up in a different body. Words can’t describe the feeling I went through. You’ve to experience it to be able to feel it. We had a couple of sessions since then and I’m so glad we had them. The main aspect which came out after the sessions with her was how I was neglecting my sense of boundaries. Look forward to more sessions with you Divya until I become the version of me that I am envisioning right now. Much love.

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