Just when life was seeming empty and my future a blur, this theta- healing process came in as a ray of hope. I initially felt trapped in a bubble at times, and at other times I was like a ticking bomb. Divya took me on to a path I never treaded before. How would anyone know that just voicing out our emotions to someone who actually listens in itself a healing?!
Divya is so pleasant and meeting her refreshed all my senses. I realised all illness/ sickness need not be physical but exists in to the mind. I have been holding onto bottled up emotions for so long for so long that they have been shattering me from inside. Just to voice out my hatred, regrets,sorrows and grief was a relief. Acceptance and forgiveness of self is first step to healing. Divya is so calm and guides you through and through. If only all healing were as beautiful.

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