I find myself lucky to have met Divya Madhur ..I was diagnosed with covid and was immediately transferred to a hospital, having left my family behind, in a confined space with illness away from my closed ones I confided in Divya.. I did not call her or message her for help..I did not even know that she was a healer .. to be very frank I had never experienced healing before and this whole concept of healing was very new to me ..Divya reached out to me, we had a common connection we stay at the same Apartment premises and share the love for animals. Divya’s healing is magical, it not just eases out the pain but also one comes out as a stronger person after talking to her ..on the second day of my hospitalization I felt lighter, less burdened and a stronger human being.. I realised I need to take care of myself and rest other things would fall into places.. She is a very positive person and I urge everyone going through any personal issues, trauma, stress and if you feel like talking to someone please reach out to Divya.

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