Definitely recommend Divya, I can vouch for the way she provides healing. She makes me travel to my deepest parts, even till the womb. Brings everything out so effortlessly: the deepest, the darkest,, the ugliest and the loveliest. Divya makes it easier for me to touch base with all the scary places I didn’t have the courage to even acknowledge before..
Transformative, touching, life changing.
I thank the universe for all the serendipity which led me to Divya.
Divya is very real and very relatable. It becomes very easy and effortless to confide in her all with all of my most intimate emotions because I have the conviction that she is never judging coupled with the ease and comfort in her holding .. I feel immense trust in her and can spend hours being in her presence, as my healer and also as my newly found friend.
I feel like my scattered parts are gathering when I am listening to her speaking during the healings.I am feeling more self empowerment after experiencing her healings.
Thank you Divya.

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