The religion of Humanity, is there anything bigger than that?

Born to a brave / strong mother who broke free from an abusive marriage full of domestic violence, in wake of making a better life for herself and me. Though this move was necessary, but did not leave her with any better life outside of it. Family and Society had their ugly sides still to be unveiled for a young woman trying to raise a girl child alone.

Through these times and phases, my mother would seek solace from some religious practices, some temple visits, fastings, prayers, sometimes also trying out different stones to make things better.

To add to her stress, I would not study to her expectations, instead, only deteriorate with time. To curb that, I also got some rings / pendants, etc. for me, to find a quick fix to the heap of problems we were dealing with.

As time passed, my belief in God and all these things kept diminishing, given the challenges in my mother’s life only kept increasing, the least to say. During this time, I also observed a lot of mal-practices surrounding religious beliefs, the intent of which was nothing more than a piece of someone’s greed. People who grew up in the 90s, would remember ‘idols drinking milk‘ episode, which was a mere concept of physics turned into a miracle for end-less selfish reasons. And many more things.

One fine day, I removed all those super powered rings, etc and decided to take control of my failures / mistakes myself, instead of waiting for some magic to happen. My trips to temple reduced drastically (had to still do some to be keep Mommy happy). I was often termed as ‘atheist‘, none of which bothered me factually, though my mother would feel hurt about it.

Now, as I am a mother to a growing child, at an age full of curiosity and questions, I decide to only teach him about one Universal Power / Source / God, that created everything we can see and cannot see. I decide to put a full stop to some things and start some new practices:

  • Stop specific religion related practices, instead follow festival related practices
  • Start believing in self, instead of some short cuts to magic
  • Stopped believing in superstitions and chose rationale
  • Stopped spreading hatred, instead share Love and Respect towards all

So, here I am asking all of you, is there any religion really bigger than Humanity?

Isn’t Humanity for all for us to practice and also what we are here for?

Why do we need to divide ourselves to show respect to the same supreme power in different names? And, at the same time exuberate hatred for other religion / practices?

Anything, that divides humans, has only been meant to serve selfish purposes of some people and has never been done to protect humanity / people at large.

We may not have led to this situation, we can definitely take responsibility of what’s coming ahead.

Thank you Universe for guiding me towards this to make a change.



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  1. Arun Devraj December 29, 2019 at 10:48 PM

    A good write up. Thought provoking

    1. admin - Site Author February 3, 2020 at 10:48 AM

      Thank you taking the time to read and comment.


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