The ‘Switch’ lies within Us! Everytime!!

Somehow, the end of the last week wasn’t going very well, I was facing a lot of emotional turmoil along with lack of focus. Managed to get through the weekdays at work. There came weekend staring at me with questions, that I did not have answers to.

Saturday was just passing like a whole long year. Did some chores, went for Avengers movie with Arav, still something was unsettled, to the point that I was seeking solace in the toxic elements (my so-called comfort zone, which actually led me to the worst point of my life), that I left behind, to bring about this change in my life.

I had to go for somewhere in the evening, and the long drive was sort of making me feel apprehensive about it. While pondering for long, it struck me to play some songs from childhood on the way…… goes one of them song for you!!

…………Lakdi ki Kaathi, Kaathi pe Ghoda……Ghode (Hope you enjoy it)

This was nothing short of magic….. throughout an hour long drive, I was this child who, was jumping out of joy…

By the time the event got over, it was 10.30pm and I now had a different mood, after meeting some awesome people, I played the playlist of Satte Pe Satta! (Been one of my favorites, since I was young)

All I learnt in this was, ‘The Switch / Button / Power‘ to change any moment in our lives is very much in our hands. Reached home by 11.30 pm, humming, singing, laughing. Super Happy!!!

Go grab the button, and change the moment. Make it the life you so want, a moment at a time!!

Universe will make it happen, you just need to put your true intent out and believe in it.

Thank you Universe



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