Trembling and winning it all over again!!

Well, the car is back from the service and of course as good as new.

However, that’s not exactly how I felt inside me, which i only realized once I hit the road.

With trembling legs and shivering me, I went on and on and on. And reached the exact point where the accident happened.

Believe it or not, I could feel the blow of the accident exactly as it happened then, at that place and it felt like every car behind mine, is only looking to bump it forward.

Such a sign of relief I breathed, as I reached office and a feeling like I can do it all over again. I can win over my fears each time. Ran into office and just went on with the work.

Then comes evening, time to drive back. Took a deep breath, got myself together and drove.

All I did today was lose to my fear and win over it. Isn’t is such an irony that we keep finding reasons for why something isn’t working as we wish it to be, and its actually no one, just us behind it.

We are our only limitation, by means of our thoughts, beliefs leading to actions.

So, people keep moving and keep proving yourself wrong to you every single time.

The only one stopping us is ourselves. Drive on!!!



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