Waiting for money to help people?

What an experience it has been today to visit this Hospice in Bangalore to holistically heal people approaching their end of life, suffering from terminal illnesses. Everyone being treated with love and compassion, just like God / Universe / Source intended us to be, irrespective of caste, color, religion, creed, gender; only as humans served by humans with a beautiful soul.


Can’t even comprehend the vision the founding team would have and the amount of love and compassion in their hearts.

Every brick of the place speaks of it.

Every staff member is full of passion and drive for the cause. They are all so humble that’s its beyond what I can even express. Such overwhelming stories of how people absolutely unknown to each other came together and build this place of dreams.

The wind, the water, the plants, everything just gets together to heal and heal and heal people who need it the most.

Amazing story of how an auto driver turned into a dedicated team member

There isn’t one learning from here, but many, it’s a true temple of humanity. Thank you Universe for this opportunity to discover unlimited unconditional love.

One thing that I definitely want to mention is that you do not need money to make a difference, but only a noble heart and beautiful loving thoughts!! The more you give, the more the universe will give you. Start by thinking about giving, not getting, that’s how close / far the change is.

Calling everyone to visit, volunteer and donate (if you can). We only have one life, lets make it worthwhile.



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