We are all a tribe, afterall, with a concrete roof on top!

Of course, my journey, as shared in last blog, did not stop at Shirdi, that was just the first halt on this journey. Started the drive to Nashik (Nasik), 85 kms, weather was pleasant, and the drive driving me.

Stopped to buy, road side guavas, I have always loved these shoppings, since I was a kid when the road transport bus would stop, and my mother would buy me guava with salt (the one salt taste we could never get at home). That bliss was exceptional each time.

Bells ringing in your memories? I can feel your joy and smile……

As I moved, saw a tribe moving home, slowed down, looked at them, observed them and clicked some pictures. When I was looking at them, it just struck me that, aren’t all of us just tribes and nothing different.

Long few of tribe, they were a lot of families
Not the horse ride we know of. His is a ride of life.

We come, with nothing on us, accumulate stuff, keep moving to where life takes us, halt for a while, and again start the journey. As our journey comes to an end, we pass on our collectibles to the family / kids and move on with nothing on us again, to a new journey in another place, time and form, for newer experiences, learnings and growth.

Guards on duty

And, it is such an amazing thing, how each one of us, in any circumstances, make our world, our space, as much as for those tribes, they had animals for movement, family, children for love, belongings for meeting needs, dogs for safety. Life is only incomplete, if we think of it so.

Nashik mein apka swagat hai

Reached Nasik, and first and foremost dropped the baggages which needed dropping. Nasik city is beautiful and so pleasant, broad roads, greenery.
Initial plan was to visit Sula Vineyard for a Wine Tour and leave for Mumbai, the same evening.

However, changed it at a spur of a moment, decided to stay at Sula for a night and enjoy soaking in that experience. Somehow wasn’t feeling too well, so, staying the night made sense to rest and start the onward journey next day. Drove to Sula, what a welcoming property, nice neighbourhoods with greenery and calm.

Sula Vineyards
The walks @ Sula
Worth a painting!
Stacked barrels of wine
What does a barrel label look like?

Fever rose by night, walked around the property, so rested and slept well. Decided to do the Wine Tour next day after breakfast.

Newbie photographer experiments
Yet another

Wine tour was informative, but little boring too with too much information. And, I was the back bencher in the class, doing nothing but being difficult for the teacher of the day. The tour guide lost his patience on me and did not even smile when I said Thank you and Good-Bye!

The best part, looking at uncle tasting wine was a visual treat

Once the wine tour got over, everyone could go cycling inside the vineyard to see. And, there I was, I could not fit in adult cycles and kids’ cycles were small for me. I didn’t bother, picked one kid’s cycle and went off, that was some fun. Poor cycle, of course 🙂

Something about this…. calm

As noon came, it was time to start for Mumbai (165 kms), to catch my fight back to Bangalore. Rains, Clouds, Pleasant breeze, all that a journey can be, to make it an unforgettable experience.

Something I learnt in this entire journey was, take things as they come, don’t cry over the plan as we made it to start with, there is immense growth and learning in how Universe presents / brings the situations to us sometimes, which may be different from how we thought they would / should be.

Being flexible actually is a blessing, a bag of happiness and joy!!

The goon at work
Can’t control the laughter

Thank you Universe for giving me the opportunity to explore and learn as I go.



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  1. MK July 30, 2019 at 8:02 AM

    Beautiful journey….. nicely written.
    Thank you for sharing….. Cheers….

    1. admin - Site Author July 30, 2019 at 10:42 AM

      Thanks do much Mohan for the time to read and appreciate.