Create Your Best Life Program

Transform Your Life in 90 days

Yay or Nay?

Feeling Stuck?

Stress feels like a family member now?

‘Feeling tired of work-eat-sleep and repeat’ pattern?

Wondering what are you missing?

What more is there?

Dream to change your life?

Taking from a popular quote, “Change is the only constant in life”. A lot of us get stuck trying to not change things and keep them as is. We feel we will feel secure and stable if things don’t change, which ends up holding us back from being our best selves. 

When we don’t live from our best version, our connection to our inner self starts to diminish. As this connection diminishes, we start finding it outside.

After multiple holidays, numerous restaurant trips, many movies, and friends get-togethers, are you still feeling the same inside, disconnected, always trying to find something to hold on to?

If you are feeling, it is the right time to bring the change, your heart and soul are guiding you to.

This is for you, if

  1. Believe you deserve a better, healthier, happier life
  2. You know you have what it takes to get there.
  3. You need someone to hold the space and walk with you while you make the change
  4. You believe you can make / change your destiny.

This is NOT for you, if

  1. You are waiting for someone else to come and change your life.
  2. Believe you are just a victim and nothing can be done about your life
  3. Think life is like that.
  4. Do not want to make any effort.
  5. Want to live life by destiny.

What will the program include?

  1. Identification of where you are at right now, and the place you want to go to
  2. Blocks that you need to overcome in order to get there.
  3. Mindset Shift to enable that
  4. Letting Go of Stored emotions, ranging from Blame, Shame, Guilt, Anger, Rage
  5. Moving from Victim to Victor Zone / Blame to Responsibility Zone
  6. Intention and Goal Setting
  7. Manifestation of Dream Life
  8. Inspired Action to Dream Life


Starting JAN 2023 – 90 days (13 weeks)

How much time commitment is expected?

2-3 hours per week

Can’t wait to live your best life?

Please write to to schedule a call


I started my journey of “Creating our Best Life” with no high hopes at the lowest and saddest phase of my Life. My super hero, my father left for heavenly aboard this January, 2022 and his permanent absence created a huge void inside me.

I am glad, I did this transforming sessions conducted by Divya Di. To start with, her infectious smile instantly brighten up any ones dull day. Her approach through out the sessions made me comfortable to discuss my fears and doubts about anything. Her laymen techniques not only helped to over come my challenges but also it broaden my spectrum on everything evolving around us as a “Being”. Got clarity on all my cluttering and vivid thoughts. She perfectly curates each and every session focusing on ones growth and abundance in all spheres of life. So thank you Divya Di for all the support and good wishes for you.


Meeting Divya was a big turning point in my life. Thus began a journey into self-discovery, awareness, abundance, and becoming the best version of myself (getting there but Divya helped me put a system in place so I can achieve it). It has only been onwards and upwards since our very first session. I have had multiple sessions, be it the abundance challenge, or creating our best life together. It has been a transformative experience. She helped me overcome my self-limiting beliefs and I have learned a lot through this program, I have grown and will continue to grow through the lessons I learned.



All this time I have been introspecting and procastinating on why me and silly me
I didn’t blame myself and thankfully was free of that guilt but I did carry the burden of certain heartaches, losses and hurt.
There were questions…….too many of them I was struggling to find answers for and too many things I needed closure on to be able to move on with dignity and pride.
Though I never took what others said seriously but I did kind of imbibe the stories about myself and believed them to be me.
I always knew inner peace is of utmost importance but struggled to let go of what my near and dear ones said in an attempt to demean me.
Have known Divya for years but was elated to find a healer in her. Over a casual chat, we connected and updated each other on our whereabouts. When I saw this program, I knew this was my calling.
She has this ease of making you comfortable to shell out your fears and open up your most guarded emotions. Talking to her comes freely since it’s evident she won’t judge and gradually we understand that accepting the other as it is the only way you can make someone feel loved.
Over the sessions, she not only helped me explore myself, but also healed me from within and evolve the new me.
I am glad
I am blessed I have her
Loads of love