Divine Brilliance Community

We are a divine being having a human experience” – Dan Brule

It’s usually said, coincides are the Universe’s miracles.

The Divine in you, that’s seeking to heal and grow, brought you here to heal, to be happy, to be free, to be yourself, to be who you were always meant to be, Divinely Brilliant.

Life’s been feeling overwhelming for you, with all the stress, anxiety that’s surrounding you. You are full of questions and curiosities that’s always seeking answers, clues, signs. It’s what’s inside is what we see outside. This is your sign that you are ready to step into your brilliance.

With this membership, you get the following, monthly:

Monthly Manifesting

Manifestation Exercises and meditations, clearing manifesting blocks.

Relaxing Meditation

Guided Meditations based on group themes, as guided.

Group Healing

Members can request healing for themselves or anyone else. These healings are witnessed by the practitioner using different healing modalities.

Theme Based Teaching

This will be based on life’s teachings, spiritual growth books, and also on members’ requests for learning on various topics and bringing spiritual guidance and awareness to it.

Q&A Sessions

Any day to day questions arising from members in any area of their lives personally or professionally are addressed here.

Other Bonuses, as they get added, at no extra fee.   

The above are delivered through Facebook Live, in order to keep it interactive and always be available to go back to. You have access to every recording, and associated material in the group during your period of active subscription.

Overall value of INR 25000+ per month, provided all in one membership fee of INR 4444 (inclusive of taxes).

For just INR 120+ per day, you receive:

  • Exclusive Unlimited Access to Divine Brilliance Facebook Group for the duration of active membership
  • All sessions are RECORDED for replay so Healing requests and Q&A can be shared in the group in advance if you are unable to join live. 
  • Access to any other resources created / offered for this program during your membership
  • Cancel your membership at the end of any monthly cycle prior to renewal
  • Plus, Bonuses…

It is within you, the Divine lives” – Joseph Campbell

Allow the Divine in you to shine brilliantly.

Curious to know, if this is for you or not?

  1. Keen on having a regular support and healing group?
  2. Eager to make changes in your life, but find it difficult to find the way forward?
  3. Need guidance of what’s holding you back from your dream life?
  4. Want to grow the spiritual aspect of you?
  5. Looking to establish the connection to your heart and discover universal love?
  6. Find it expensive to engage to pay for healing sessions often?

If you answered any of the above ‘Yes’, it is for you.

Much Love