Masterclass: Self Love

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Masterclass / Workshop – Self Love


Transformation is a journey and the first step to that is being able to love yourself. This workshop is designed to make you step away from self shame / blame and help you move into self-love.


Self-Love is not just important, it’s necessary to understand and explore your full potential.


It is a journey of exploring what brings us joy, what makes us look at ourselves in the mirror and adore every part of ourselves, without feeling any guilt / shame, etc.


It is about appreciating yourself, and recognising the gratitude of your life.



Online via Zoom


Workshop Inclusions

  1. Introduction to Self-Love
  2. Myth Bursting
  3. Understanding Self-Love in Depth
  4. Identification of limiting beliefs and blocks to Self Love
  5. How to change from limiting to growth beliefs?
  6. Activities and Exercises during the Workshop
  7. Worksheets Take-Aways for Self-Assessment
  8. Electromagnetic Activations and Downloads


What do you need to bring?

  • A heart ready to embrace love
  • A Notebook, pen / pencil
  • 21 Strips of Paper (enough to fit a sentence)
  • Small box / pouch / kit to keep the paper strips



28 February 2021, Sunday


Duration & Timing

2 hours (3 to 5 PM)


Group or Individual Session

Group Workshop

Number of Participants – Max 10

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