Individual 60 Minute Healing Session

8,888 incl. GST


During our Individual (1-on-1) Healing Sessions, you learn about your healing blocks and how to remove them and experience first hand the amazing power of healing to actively start removing them!

  • Access any blocks and paradigms that cause dis-ease of energy flow in your body
  • Experience ThetaHealing & Emotional Freedom Technique (used as suitable) to bring the most benefit to you.
  • Learn to muscle test as necessary for changes that take place in your subconscious mind reflecting both mentally and physically
  • These sessions may be used not only to address physical and emotional well being, but also for success in all areas of your life, including, career, finances, relationships.

The healing sessions are conducted individually, and are absolutely confidential.


This session can be bought either as a single session or a subscription of 5 sessions at an overall subscription saving per session.



From survival to stability, to success, to significance, in any area of your life, meeting you where you are and taking you to the next level!

The sessions are conducted in person for local residents, otherwise, long-distance sessions are conducted through phone, FaceTime, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype.

NOTE: Due to Covid 19 situation, all sessions shall be conducted online, even for local residents, until further notice.

(Please review Terms & Conditions before making the payment, the processing of payment shall mean you agree to all applicable T&Cs)


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Client Feedback from Sessions

Definitely recommend Divya, I can vouch for the way she provides healing. She makes me travel to my deepest parts, even till the womb. Brings everything out so effortlessly: the deepest, the darkest,, the ugliest and the loveliest. Divya makes it easier for me to touch base with all the scary places I didn’t have the courage to even acknowledge before..
Transformative, touching, life changing.
I thank the universe for all the serendipity which led me to Divya.
Divya is very real and very relatable. It becomes very easy and effortless to confide in her all with all of my most intimate emotions because I have the conviction that she is never judging coupled with the ease and comfort in her holding .. I feel immense trust in her and can spend hours being in her presence, as my healer and also as my newly found friend.
I feel like my scattered parts are gathering when I am listening to her speaking during the healings.I am feeling more self empowerment after experiencing her healings.
Thank you Divya.


I find myself lucky to have met Divya Madhur ..I was diagnosed with covid and was immediately transferred to a hospital, having left my family behind, in a confined space with illness away from my closed ones I confided in Divya.. I did not call her or message her for help..I did not even know that she was a healer .. to be very frank I had never experienced healing before and this whole concept of healing was very new to me ..Divya reached out to me, we had a common connection we stay at the same Apartment premises and share the love for animals. Divya’s healing is magical, it not just eases out the pain but also one comes out as a stronger person after talking to her ..on the second day of my hospitalization I felt lighter, less burdened and a stronger human being.. I realised I need to take care of myself and rest other things would fall into places.. She is a very positive person and I urge everyone going through any personal issues, trauma, stress and if you feel like talking to someone please reach out to Divya.


Divya really helped me unblock bad energy and lifted a lot of “pressure” resulting in me feeling so much “lighter”, free spirited, and total calmness. I felt the abundance of life and spiritual goodness immediately to follow. I would recommend Divya anyday. She is truly gifted and amazing!


अपने पिताजी की डेथ के बाद मैं बहुत दुखी थी और depression में थी। वो 2017 में इक्स्पाइअर हुए थे, मेरे लिए सब कुछ जैसे ख़त्म हो गया था । ऐसे में दिव्या से कांटैक्ट हुआ और एक दो सेशन में ही मेरे सारे नेगेटिव थॉट्स निकल गए और ज़िंदगी जीने का नया नज़रिया मिला। मुझे ऐसे लगा जैसे मेरे किसी अपने ने मेरे लिए दिल से दुआ की हो। आप मेरे लिए एंजल हो जिसे गॉड ने मेरे लिए भेजा। थैंक यू सो मच दिव्या ।


It’s so blissful!!! Experience heal and feel it. I have taken only one session till now it’s an such a soulful experience when to talk through your sub conscious. Too surprising though what your sub conscious thinks.


When one is in readiness to learn the teacher appears…. And same is the thing with healing. When one is in readiness for the healing, a healer appears. That’s how Divya showed up when I was looking for some who could do what I was seeking for! Helping me through tough times, to find my light that lead me walk past the darkness that surrounded me, towards the light….she is totally and truly functional in all she does in guiding us through the path…. Thank you Divya.


One of the best thing happened in my life is meeting Divya Madhur. She is so kind, genuine and supportive. After one session with Divya I was left incredibly lighter and with deeper appreciation for myself. With her help I was able to voice my hearts desire I haven’t been able to say out loud before.. She identified few older beliefs of mine and they came true. She made me believe in a positive way which is now reflecting in my health too.. She is really awesome 💞. I would definitely recommend and look forward for her sessions in future.


It was a great experience. A session with Divya provides healing and the feeling of getting rid of the unwanted. Do try it out!


I have felt the magic of serendipity many times in my life, and getting in touch with Divya was one such moment. Now when I look back, I feel that everything is for a purpose. We connected in 2019 through a group we both were a part of. We stayed in touch and met once. There was something very honest about her that made me keep in touch with her. Cut to January 2020, I was hurting a lot due to negative self-belief in myself and many other factors.

I just happened to send her a text, and she responded right away and suggested that we do a session of healing. That was my first time. She made me put down all the unnecessary burdens I had in my heart and soul. I felt so light after the session that I ended up sleeping like a baby for some good hours and woke up in a different body. Words can’t describe the feeling I went through. You’ve to experience it to be able to feel it. We had a couple of sessions since then and I’m so glad we had them. The main aspect which came out after the sessions with her was how I was neglecting my sense of boundaries. Look forward to more sessions with you Divya until I become the version of me that I am envisioning right now. Much love.


It was a wonderful feeling after a session with Divya… Things have changed a lot definitely in a positive way… I just love myself more and more now… Thanks Divya for the support dear…❤


I was shaky before talking to Divya mam. I had several doubts and prefixed idea about my previous experiences with my relatives. While talking to mam first I was hesitant to tell about my thoughts behind the brain. During talk I gained confidence and explained my problems. She prayed for me. She explained me about her findings during that prayer procedures. I got full confidence and with her words of guidance and help I became free from my negative thoughts. I think that gave me courage to fight against my illness of covid 19. As I was alone it gave me confidence to be confident that I shall come out with spiritual help . And finally I am healthy now thank God and thank you Divya for your timely help and your prayers for me thanx again.
Retired Professor, Patna Medical College

Dr Prasad
It was a very calming experience, during the healing session on news addiction.
I can notice a difference in being mindful and reduced distractions through the day. Really appreciate the session.
When we started the session fr addiction related to a relationship, Initially I felt very emotional while talking about the incidents in my life. I had tears and they kept flowing .. uncontrollably. Slowly I felt peaceful…and there was calmness….
As the session got over, I felt peaceful… postive. …the anxiety level has come down…I felt in control of myself.

I approached Divya for getting over my addiction over Chai. I must say I see a significant change in my craving towards having it. Divya through her healing, made me realize the urge I had was associated to some fear or anxiety, I would have and chai / tea was a way for my inner sense to overcome or suppress that fear of unknown for no reason.

Now I am able to significantly control my urge to run for a cup of tea even when I am not my self. I am able to sit back and reconsider my thoughts. Having said that, it is not like I have completely given up on chai. I still love my dear cup but I started enjoying every sip with a smile and appreciate the taste. The urge is completely replaced with thankfulness.
Thanks Divya for your time!! Good wishes and best of Luck!


Just when life was seeming empty and my future a blur, this theta- healing process came in as a ray of hope. I initially felt trapped in a bubble at times, and at other times I was like a ticking bomb. Divya took me on to a path I never treaded before. How would anyone know that just voicing out our emotions to someone who actually listens in itself a healing?!
Divya is so pleasant and meeting her refreshed all my senses. I realised all illness/ sickness need not be physical but exists in to the mind. I have been holding onto bottled up emotions for so long for so long that they have been shattering me from inside. Just to voice out my hatred, regrets,sorrows and grief was a relief. Acceptance and forgiveness of self is first step to healing. Divya is so calm and guides you through and through. If only all healing were as beautiful.


Divya is an amazing guide and healer who instantly connects to analyse the root cause of the problem we are facing. In my case I consulted her for my skin issues.  In no time she helped me understand the reasons behind it. She managed to cut the negatives cords and replaced it with so much positivity. I could feel all those negative energies moving out from my body in the form of tears.  It was an interactive session yet very peaceful experience.

Thank you Divya  for your time and healing .


My session on anxiety was really helpful. I felt so relieved during and after the session. I am grateful to God that he made me come across such a beautiful soul. I am so thankful to you for your guidance, the clarity about my strengths and weaknesses which I discovered with your help was magical….💐😊

You are one of the best healer. I am blessed to know you and got this wonderful opportunity to share my confusions, which I was going through and you defined it so well and helped me to rectify it. I am feeling much more confident and lovable about myself. 🙏 Thank you Divya much love and respect to you❤️



I had a great experience of the healing session. This session helped me to improve the bond between me and my family. These healing, session made me realized that how imp it is to love and adore yourself and letting go of the fear of people judging you .

For this amazing experience I would like to that you Divya because whatever change is there in me is because of these sessions

Lots of love and respect for you😍😍



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