Masterclass: Let Go and Let Life Flow


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Masterclass / Workshop – Let Go and Let Life Flow

Going through difficult situations and circumstances in life is inevitable. It lays the foundation of a lot of things we learn and the courage we develop over time to face them and grow out of them. However, in this process sometimes, there tends to be the pain, the trauma, the hurt, the betrayal that gets stored in our body and takes the shape of diseases / pains / difficult circumstances.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to live with these. What can we do to move beyond it?

Let Go and Let Life Flow!

The MasterClass is designed to help you understand the meaning of letting go, how can you let go and reduce your mental clutter, make space for better thoughts to enter your life. Yes, it is possible.


Letting go is all about making space to welcome the beauty of life.



Online via Zoom

Workshop Inclusions

  1. Introduction to the concept of Letting Go
  2. Areas in your life that are good to Let Go
  3. Myth Bursting
  4. Understanding your stored emotions and their impact
  5. Healing Meditation
  6. Activities and Exercises during the Workshop
  7. Worksheets Take-Aways for Self-Assessment
  8. Electromagnetic Activations and Downloads

What do you need to bring?

  • A heart ready to embrace love
  • A Notebook, pen / pencil
  • 21 Strips of Paper (enough to fit a sentence)
  • Small box / pouch / kit to keep the paper strips


3 December 2022, Saturday

Duration & Timing

10 AM onwards

Group or Individual Session

Group Class

Choose to let go, you won’t ever regret it! It’s the best decision you can make for yourself and the life you wish to create.


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