Healing From Loss

As human beings, we are wired to love and be close to people who make us feel loved. And, when we lose someone who we love dearly or otherwise, the sense of loss is deep and can evoke different thoughts and feelings. It usually is about the loss of love we feel in our lives.

The feeling of loss can happen through death, movement, illness or emotional separation. It can be a roller coaster of feelings of sadness, grief, anger, loneliness and so many more.

Do you have these thoughts and questions?

1. I feel very lonely since they left. I don’t want to talk to anyone or make new connections. Is that normal?

2. People tell me it’s been so long, they lived their life, and so many other things, but, none of that changes what I am feeling. I am clueless about how to handle such conversations.

3. I somehow blame myself for this, it feels so bad inside of me. How could I have changed this?

4. Why do I feel so hollow inside?

5. I am not able to get them out of my mind, it’s like I am doing everything, but I am not present in it. What can I do?

6. My desire to live has gone away with them. How do I handle that?

7. How do I overcome grief? 1 day I feel fine, and the next is full of pain.

8. Does any kind of therapy or healing help in this case?

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love has gone away. Often, the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt, and profound sadness. This grief can take days, months, and years to heal for different people.

With the help of regular healing work, you can feel whole and happy again.

I would be conducting a group healing session in September (using the Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you heal from your grief, a step towards a calmer, happier, and whole You. Please click on the link below and join the wait-list for receiving the announcement about the session.


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