The Beginning!

First cry on 19 December.

Single parent child, spend almost all of my childhood believing that there was something incomplete about me and that I would never be able to fill that up.

As the universal law goes, you are your thoughts, I lacked and lacked everything. A thinking of lacking only leads to more of it, leading to self-sabotage and attempts to die. There came a change when someone questioned my ability to change my life, by calling me a curse for my mother. Something that day didn’t break in me so much as it because strong with the feeling of proving that person wrong. I worked towards that objective and could make a paradigm shift in my life at the age of 14. At that age, I could not understand the laws of the universe but had learn to apply them already on my life and came out as a winner. The only thing that had changed me from there to here was a change in the belief system, practically all else remained the same.

Hence, I became my thoughts, successful, winner, fighter….and all the good things. I believed in myself. I loved myself. I stopped looking for empathy / sympathy from anyone, but, started to provide strength to people around me.

In the cycle of life, difficult times come for us, not to break us, but to make us. Its for us to choose to embrace them and win over, or to succumb to them and get defeated by them!