Masterclass: Purpose of Life

‘Purpose’ – Isn’t it the word that gets you feeling crazy, wondering why you haven’t found the purpose of your life.


Also, motivates you to deeper inside yourself to find it.

Well, I have been so inspired to bring you this MasterClass, which is a combination of love, joy, growth and starting the journey of living through fulfilling your purpose every single day.

It’s not complex. It’s simple. All we need to do is to move / remove the curtain that you weren’t ready to move so far.

If all you do in life is work, eat, sleep and can’t understand what’s the meaning of all of this, when will this end, this MasterClass is for you.

If your heart keeps reminding you that you are here to do more, then, this MasterClass is for you.

If you think you don’t have what it takes to have a special purpose, this MasterClass is for you.

What will this MasterClass include?

  • Uncovering Your True Values
  • Discovering Your Authentic Self
  • Understanding the concept of Purpose
  • Identifying Your Purpose & Ways you can live your Purpose
  • Healing Meditation
  • Activities and Exercises during the Workshop
  • Worksheets Take-Aways for Self-Assessment
  • Electromagnetic Activations and Downloads

What do I need for the class?

  • An open heart
  • A notebook
  • Pen / Pencil
  • Stick Note Pad (you can cut small squares of paper if you do not have stick note pads)



17 July 2021, Saturday (Please ignore date in the banner)

3 hours (5 to 8 PM IST / 7.30 to 10.30 AM EST)

Group or Individual Session

Group Class


It had been lovely class with Divya..You get to know more about yourself each time you meet her. Something that needs to be healed to make us better version of ourselves. Love talking to her and more than that listening and trying to find my own answers. I think it is her downloads that do the trick. I dont know what this healing art is,because i had tried self help but nothing worked and it was something that changed after meeting her. This is perhaps just beginning of my journey wih her. Thanks for being that guide, spreading love and positivity.



I attended my first self love class, which was hosted by my dear friend Divya. Her way of conducting the class made everyone felt welcomed and at ease to share there experiences. I learnt many things, one of the important one for me was that it is ok say no (which I find hard to do) and prioritize yourself.  Div explained, how we can do little things in our daily routine which makes a big impact in our lives. I absolutely love her approach of lead ing with your heart and the rest will follow. Don’t forget to be kind even in our difficult times.  Listening to wonderful people who were part of the class brought a different perspective, on how you can keep your self going and be confident when things seems difficult around you. It is a wonderful feeling to learn from a friend and find a good balance to stay positive and happy in different aspects of our lives.


It was worth spending 3+ hours in Divya’s Self Love masterclass and listening and interacting with so many beautiful other souls. It was my very first experience to be a part of such groups wherein you can be completely you and there is no one who will judge you for doing or saying something. You can discuss your problems, fears, weaknesses and get the solutions from the experience of others. There were people from different age group who all had one thing in common….a soul full of love willing to attract and spread more love in their own lives and in the lives of people around them 🙂


I have always loved myself as I always believed that your imperfections make you perfect But then I am social animal and society around me did try to pin me down by labelling me as self centred or selfish and many more nice words Introspection made me question my choice and then I attended Divya’s session on self love And now I am unapologetically me 😂

Love the way she pulls out those negative thoughts n inhibition and helps you find love within you for you It was fun to rediscover myself

Love Himani