Healing & Wholeness is a choice we get to make everyday. Choose from the below offerings, how may I best serve you, for you to begin your transformation journey.

Sessions’ tab contains 1-on-1 Healing Sessions.

Workshops’ tab contains upcoming Workshops / Master Classes on different topics surrounding Personal Development & Growth.

Resources’ tab contains downloadable self-help materials, which can be downloaded and used as digital versions or alternatively be printed to be used for daily inspiration and growth orientation.



During our Individual (1-on-1) Healing Sessions, you learn about your healing blocks and how to remove them and experience first hand the amazing power of healing to actively start removing them!

  • Access any blocks and paradigms that cause dis-ease of energy flow in your body
  • Experience ThetaHealing & Emotional Freedom Technique (used as suitable) to bring the most benefit to you.
  • Learn to muscle test as necessary for changes that take place in your subconscious mind reflecting both mentally and physically
  • These sessions may be used not only to address physical and emotional well being, but also for success in all areas of your life, including, career, finances, relationships.

The healing sessions are conducted individually, and are absolutely confidential.

They are available in durations of 30 mins and 60 mins. 

Both 30 mins and 60 mins sessions can be bought as 1 (single) session or a subscription of 3 and 6 sessions at an overall subscription saving per session.



If you are the person who likes to have a logical path to any kind of change and transformation. And, a yardstick that helps you keep track, these workshops are for you. They give you the basics of all that you can bring into your life for change, while sharing tools that can help you keep track and gauge your progress.

The following workshops are available currently.

Masterclass: Let go and Let Life Flow

Going through difficult situations and circumstances in life is inevitable. It lays the foundation of a lot of things we learn and the courage we develop over time to face them and grow out of them. However, in this process sometimes, there tends to be the pain, the trauma, the hurt, the betrayal that gets stored in our body and takes the shape of diseases / pains / difficult circumstances.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to live with these. What can we do to move beyond it?

Let Go and Let Life Flow!

Here’s a small quiz for you to know if you are letting go or holding on.

Quiz: Am I still holding on and stopping the flow?

Masterclass: Self Love

Transformation is a journey and the first step to that is being able to love yourself. This workshop is designed to make you step away from self shame / blame and help you move into self-love.

Self-Love is not just important, it’s the most important step to understanding and exploring your full potential.

It is a journey of exploring what brings you joy. It is about accepting, appreciating yourself, and being grateful for your life.

Here’s a small quiz for you to know how much you love yourself already.

Quiz – Is Masterclass: Self Love for me?


These self-help materials are designed for you to download and keep yourself going on the journey of transformation. Any transformation begins with the willingness to change, this is your first step. 

Wish you a Happy Transformation!

If you could not find what you are looking for, please drop me your suggestions / feedback