Spiritual Healer & Coach

Spiritual Healer & Coach

We are all spiritual beings, experiencing life in the physical and learning to get back to ourselves with love.

Healing, for me, landed out of nowhere literally. I was going through a difficult phase of my life, where pretty much everything, from health, to wealth, to relationships, to everything else that makes life worthwhile came to a dead end and I had zero clarity on where to go now. 

And, then, I met my spiritual healer. As I witnessed the changes that came in me in a short span of time, I was awestruck with them. It was a completely new me, that I hadn’t seen ever before.

I was now able to change things in life, which I hadn’t for years, in a matter of hours.

I was finally following my heart, which I was always fearful to do, for numerous reasons.

I could now build a life of my dreams, which itself was nothing more than a dream earlier.

What can healing do?

Most of us go through a lot of experiences, some good, some bad, some ugly, some scary. Even though with time, we leave them behind and move on with our lives, the impression they leave stays with us, and converts to some forms of beliefs, which drives thoughts, emotions and experiences as a result to those beliefs.

Thoughts are things. 

We are our thoughts.

Healing & Coaching is a journey which helps you to:

– identify all such impressions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings, that helped you to learn something at the point they came and do not serve you anymore

– Learn what you needed to learn

– Release the limiting beliefs from your lives

– Reprogram your subconscious mind to attract what you want in life and create the life that you desire for yourself.

While you heal from all these things, you also create good health and abundance in your life.

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