Call it Brand Evangelist / Coach / Strategist, it all leads to the same place, a brand and its journey in the hearts of people.

Like most of us, I grew up watching advertisements of various products and singing jingles from those ads. Advertising always intrigued me a lot, and I chose that seeking to be in my life forever. So, I pursued studying in Advertising & Communications, and as I went about the early years of my career, my bent towards branding kept increasing. Eventually I made way completely into branding, transformations, and creating deeper and deeper impacts, in what we usually consider a mere transaction.

A brand is a relationship after all. A relationship by heart.

To begin with, it is a name, a design, a color, or any other kind of representation that makes your work uniquely identifiable. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Frankly, a Brand extends far beyond that. Brand is an emotion that a name, symbol, color, or any other representation is able to evoke each time someone comes in contact with it. It’s a relationship that’s built over various interactions and to invest in with each step, and make those emotions stronger and clearer, with each interaction. It’s the taste of a chocolate, the smoothness of a wall, the texture of a skin product, are true marks of feelings the brand evokes.

Good Brands are just stories told well enough to be remembered. Branding is a way of life, not just an activity to get done with.

I have worked across industries, and company sizes, only to conclude the same thing again and again. I have worked on development on brands from scratch, to brand guides that make the marketing efforts cohesive in messaging and visuals. Crafted stories for brands, and transformed brands for a new life / avataar.

As a Brand Strategist & Coach:

  • I can help with understanding the story of a company, product or service
  • Help in curating the story as a journey
  • Help find a unique voice in the cluttered market
  • Devise a relationship equation with the target customers
  • Coach to Serve, for Selling to follow

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