Yes, stories are everywhere, all the time.

Right from the moment we wake up, thinking of the dream we had, to the breakfast table every single day, to the workplace with colleagues in meetings, project discussions, and break times, stories are present everywhere.

There was this time, when I taught my younger cousin sister History as a story and years later, she told me that was all she remembered from that time’s study of the subject. I found that to be so powerful.

They are not just powerful, but highly impactful too. Our memory loves storing stories. They are our best companions while we are alone, or while we are surrounded by others.

The stories we heard from our grandmothers / elders were there to teach us some life skills and morals.

Stories extend to every aspect of our life. The ones told well, stay with us for a lifetime.

Stories now find place, not just in children’s books, but Board Rooms, Corporate Meetings, in personal conversations, to address a crowd.

Life is a journey and every moment a story in itself, whether we choose to see it like that or not. There is a story not just in every moment, but, in every person, in every moment, in every experience.

I bring the art of learning, exploring, via storytelling, to leave impactful messages worth remembering for our lives and our work. Let's soak in it!

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